Form to express “let/allow” or “make/force” (somebody) “…do something”. In other words, express causing something/somebody to do something.

Formula: [Causer]が + [Target]が・を + Vさせる


  • Verb end (u) -> a + せる
  • exception - godan verbs: る -> させる


When to use に or を

  • に: when there’s another を already
  • を: tends to imply “make/force”


  • 飲む -> 私がミラさんに飲ませる (= I let/make Mr. Miller drink) (== I cause drinking to Mr. Miller)
  • 食べる → 私がミラさんに食べされる (= I let/make Mr. Miller eat) (== I cause eating to Mr. Miller)