Ebay buyer tool

= a web app that allows users to see all the listings from Ebay they are interested in with one visit at a glance.


Ebay is a great platform for buying items at a cheap price. However, it is limited by it’s way of finding listings: E.g. when users want to find a cheap auction thats ending soon, they have to input the items name into the search bar, apply different filters such as condition price etc. and then sort the results in a way that helps discovering cheap and soon ending items. This way of searching for items is slow, tedius and often times inaccurate - all attributes that are undesireable when trying to find bargains.

✨ Features

The Ebay Buyer Tool will serve as an alternative to the basic search on the Ebay website. It will be powered by the Ebay Buys API, which is the source for all of the data.

Users will be able to:

  • Discover
    • Add queries (Can consist of: keywords, price, condition…)
    • Merge queries (e.g. “iphone” and “pc” become one query)
    • Query groups (multiple queries can be merged to form groups)
  • Analyze
    • graphs that display the price course of queries/query groups using ended listings
  • Sync
    • account system that allows users to login and view their searches independently of their device

Sketch of a possible UI:

💻 Technical

  • Html/Css/JS
  • Bootstrap or something else for frontend
  • Firebase for account function
  • Ebay API to retrieve the listings

💪 Difficulties

  • Account system to sync users queries
  • Good front end to display the information
  • Work with a real, advanced API
  • Canvas to draw graphs