• Frontend
    • Design (HTML, CSS)
    • Functionality (JS)
  • Backend
    • API abfragen
    • Login system

Features für myBay

FeatureBeschreibungPrioritätGeschätzter AufwandBetroffene Schichten
[Feature-Title][Beschreibung][Priorisierung, z.B. “kritisch”, “hoch”, “nice-to-have”][Initial geschätzer Aufwand für die vollständige Implementierung des Features, z.B. “2 Tage”][Betroffene Bereiche/Schichten der Anwendung]
User loginUsers are able to login using a social media accountkritischMehrere TageSync, (Backend, Frontend)
Guest loginUsers are able to use the app without logging innice to have2 TageSync, (Frontend)
NavbarUsers are able to navigate between different sections of the app using a bar on the sidekiritsch1 TagUI, (Frontend)
Query overviewA page that displays all added queries with their results/analyticskritischMehrere WochenDiscover/Analyze, (Backend, Frontend)
Query cardsA card that can be filled with either a graph or a listkritischEine WocheDiscover/Analyze, Frontend
Add query pageA page that allows users to specify their query by providing filter optionskritischEine WocheDiscover/Analyze/Sync (Backend, Frontend)
Query card graphA graph that displays the price course of a querykritischEine WocheDiscover/Analyze (Backend/Frontend)
Query card listing listA list that displays all listings that match the querykritischEine WocheDiscover/Analyze (Backend/Frontend)
API callsRetrieving the data from the eBay APIkritischEine WocheDiscover/Analyze (Backend)
Saving query to localstorageSaves the filter data of a query into the localstoragekritisch3 TageSync, (Backend)
Saving query to cloudSaves the filter data of a query into the cloudkritischEine WocheSync, (Backend)
Push notificationsUsers get notified on certain eventsnice to haveein paar TageDiscover/Analyze (Frontend)
Group queriesQueries can be organized in query groupshochein paar tageDiscover/Analyze (Frontend)
Edit/Delete queries(cards)queries can be edited/deletedhochein paar tageDiscover/Analyze (Frontend)
Drag/Drop queries(cards)Query cards can be dragged/droppednice to haveein paar tageDiscover/Analyze (Frontend)
Color coding of query card listing itemsItems in a query card listing list are color coded based on their price value propositionnice to haveeine wocheDiscover/Analyze (Frontend)
Rename queries(cards)Query cards can be renamedhochein TagDiscover/Analyze, Frontend
Toggle analytics mode (flip button?)Query cards can be toggled to show analytic data or listingskritischmehrere TageDiscover/Analyze, Frontend
API calls for getting data for activeMake an api call that retrieves the data of currently active listingskritisch1-2 tageAPI, (Backend)
API calls for getting data of ended listings for analyticsMake an api call that retrieves the data of ended listingskritisch1-2 tageAPI, (Backend)


  1. Implement a basic HTML/CSS design that has no functionality
    • Query overview works without data
    • Navbar works
  2. Start of parallell work:
    • UI Design Development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)
    • App Functionality Development

UI Design Development

  1. Researching designs
  2. Rough planning (sketches -> Prototypes)
  3. Implementation (Bootstrap)
    1. Navbar
    2. Query card
    3. Query card overview
    4. Query card listing list
    5. Query card graph
    6. Add query window
  4. Polishment
  5. Nice to have features

App Functionality Development

  1. Implement add query page functionality
  2. Implement the filling of a query card (listing list)
  3. Implement localstorage saving of queries
  4. Implement login system
  5. Implement cloud sync
  6. Implement the filling of a query card (graph)
  7. Polishment
  8. Nice to have features