Creeping lethargy

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon which I call creeping lethargy. It is really weird and I can’t exactly pin down or even define it, the best I can do is to describe how it feels. The recent months have been (and still are) fairly stressful, not to an unbearable extent, but stressful never the less. University, work, projects and even private matters are the reason for that. The more stressed I got, the more I felt like my energy to get things done decreased. Over time, this constant drain of energy summed up and made even simple tasks such as doing the laundry a slight chore. However, this is a multiplying effect because the postponement of obligations created even more stress in the back of my head, thus decreasing the amount of work I was able to do without making it feel like a chore further. It is a vicious cycle because it’s hard to realize that you’re in one. It just feels like the continuous stress keeps building up without an end in sight and with nothing