Initially both brainstorming and the lotus flower method seem very similar: Either method is performed in a group with the goal of discovering new ideas. However, there are differences. The lotus flower method is more structured than normal brainstorming since participants are asked to provide solutions for specific problems which makes it harder to cover wider topics. Therefore brainstorming is usually used to put problems into picture with the lotus flower method on the other hand being a good tool to discover more practical solutions/ideas.


I would pick brainstorming because it is easier to perform via Zoom since no physical cards are required. However, there are services which allow users to create cards on virtual boards (like for example Mural).



Auditory icons are sounds with a semantic link to the object or action they represent, basically a design metaphor for sounds. Earcons on the other hand are more simple audio messages that provide information to the user about a computer object, operation or interaction (e.g. a sound which increases in pitch to indicate a loading progress).


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Explanation is in the sketch