๐Ÿ“ธ ScreenshotMatcher

What is it?

ScreenshotMatcher consists of a cross platform (Win, Linux, OSX) python program and an Android app. The Android app allows users to take a photo of their PC screen via their smartphone camera and sends the image to the python program running on the PC. The image then gets matched with the image of the computer screen and if an area has been identified that matches the photo, a screenshot gets returned to the smartphone app.


Many people still use their smartphone camera to take pictures of their PC screen, which results in low quality, distorted images. They usually do this because the screenshot tool is too hard to find or the methods to send images from PC to smartphone are too limited. ScreenshotMatcher offers an intuitive, easy to use solution to both of these problems.

Additional info:

I am mainly working on this project by developing the Android app of ScreenshotMatcher as part of my assistant job at the Physical-Digital Affordances Group at the University of Regensburg.