๐Ÿ—ฃ Natural language

= language that has evolved naturally


  • Subcategorization
    • verbs can take certain complements
    • but can also have number of optional modifiers
      • e.g. โ€œI sleep hereโ€, โ€œI hardly ever sleep hereโ€
  • Agreement
    • main verb agrees with person and number
      • e.g. โ€œWe drive a carโ€, โ€œHe drives a carโ€
  • Movement
    • certain constituents can be moved around
    • e.g. โ€œHe drove backโ€, โ€œBack he droveโ€
  • Coordination
    • phrases can be conjoined by means of and and or
    • โ€œJohn and Nick drove homeโ€