๐Ÿ“ƒ EU Digital services & markets act 2020ff



  • Providers of digital services
    • Legal certainty
    • Easier to start-up and scale-up in EU
  • Citizens:
    • More choice, lower price
    • Better protection of fundamental rights
  • Business users of digital services
    • More choice, lower price
    • Access to EU-Wide markets
  • Society
    • Greater democratic control and oversight over systemic platforms
    • Mitigation of systemic risks (e.g. disinformation)

Focus on

  • Intermediary services: network infrastructure providers
  • Hosting services: cloud/hosting service providers
  • Online platforms: e.g. marketplaces, social media
  • Very large online platforms: online platform that reaches > 10% of EU consumers

New obligations

  • Transparency reporting
  • Requirements on terms of service
  • Cooperation with national authorities following orders

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