• African immigrant, experienced racism early on
  • Got into deep learning, didn’t worry about surveylence

first notices

  • COMPAS (recidivism-risk-algorithm)
    • more false reoffend predictions for black people than for white
  • Joy Buolamwini: face recognition worked worse on black people
  • only 6 black people at a conference with 8500 attendees (NIPS)
  • “not worried about machines..” → because few benifits and many will get harmed
  • “gender shades” project recognized white men but was highly inaccurate for black women
    • → data based on internet data, access was not equal
  • gmail smart short responses: gender assumptions


  • data sets are too large to get sanitized
    • bert: 3.3b, gpt3 half a trillion

google next ai

  • none of the


  • “datasheets for datasets”: researcher document patterns/contents of data