๐Ÿง  Human harmonic series recognizer

= an algorithm to identify that a note is being played, which works for all different overtone series-es (โ†’ different timbres)


  1. Normalization (โ†’ theme)
    1. reduce โ›“ Harmonic series (tones) to ratios โ†’ normalize to intervals
    2. half/double (= shift octabe) โ›“ Harmonic series (tones) until it is within a particular frequency range spanned by a factor of 2 โ†’ normalize to one octave
  2. Recognition
    1. Normalize (step 1) the input signal in parallel with many different half/doublings
    2. Check if any ๐ŸŸจ Abstraction matches a feature vector โ†’ choose highest likelihood


  • recognize important sounds
    • โ†’ input gets simplified