๐ŸฆŠ Firefox Canvas

tl;dr: Firefox extension, that allows users to transform tab groups into an infinite canvas where they can explore and annotate visually


  • Having tons of tabs is overwhelming
  • With a canvas it would be possible to see all of them at once
  • Also, annotating tabs and notes would be possible


  • Firefox extension
  • Elements of the canvas:
    • Canvas = group of tabs
    • Tab card = a card, that represents a tab
      • live preview & interaction from within the canvas?
    • Basic card = a card to take notes on / insert image / annotate
  • Functions of the extension:
    • Group all current tabs into a canvas
    • Removing a tab from the canvas -> closes tab
    • Sync?


  • Arc browser
  • Firefox tab stash extension
  • Firefox panorama view extension


  • Platform: Firefox extension
  • Canvas: Tldraw or react flow?