๐Ÿ’ก Kanji Trainer

tl;dr: A tool to practice kanji that appear in your flashcards

Status:#finished GitHub: repo


  • when learning Japanese, there are thousands of different kanji
  • itโ€™s best to learn them in context (e.g. in the words they appear in) rather than isolated
  • kanjis already appear in all flashcards (alongside furigana), but they canโ€™t be practiced alone
  • furigana (= reading of the word) canโ€™t be removed easily


A program that:

  • extracts all sentences/words with at least one kanji in it from a flashcard deck of your choice
  • removes all furigana and prompts you to write out the sentence/word in kana
  • The cycle continues on forever until you got all prompts right


  • cmd line tool