##๐Ÿ’ก GPT3 Tandem

tl;dr: A virtual tandem partner to practice new vocab/grammar you learned


  • Learning new vocabulary and grammar without practice is hard
  • Tandem programs are great to practice a language and talk about new vocab or grammar


  • A program that looks like a messenger
  • Instead of adding chats via contacts, one can create a new chat by answering the question: โ€œWhat did you learn todayโ€
    • Example answers:
      • โ€œใธใ‚โ€ (=โ€œRoomโ€)
      • โ€œThe particle ใซโ€
  • A new chat will be created, and the bot asks you an example question about the new vocab / grammar
  • You can answer and chat with the bot about the new concept and it will correct your mistakes